Breathe Deep, Seek Peace

Song for the day: Speak to the Mountains -Chris McClarney

Speak to the Mountains -Chris McClarney

Our journey west continues day 3.

We got up early and spent time catching up with our dear friend, Michelle. Yearly, she and I have a standing date to walk through the sand on the beaches of Maine. As I was leaving I mentioned that we could still walk in the sand but this year it would be in the desert of Nevada.

It was unseasonably cold outside but the skies were blue. Off we went! We didn’t get far before we realized that one of our tires was losing air. Our first stop was to check it out. We had just put four new tires on at the beginning of our trip so we thought it would be an easy fix.

Mike refilled the tire a few times, but the issue wasn’t resolved as a matter of fact it was getting worse. At this point we knew we needed help. I located the closest tire center and spoke with a customer service rep who was wonderful. Belinda gave us directions to her location and said come right over.

When we arrived at the service center, Brandon, the tech, let us know that we had a hole in the side wall that could not get repaired. Thank heavens we stopped. Within 15 minutes a new tire had been put onto the car and we were once again on our way.

We chased the sun all day until we reached New Mexico where we witnessed a beautiful sunset.

Now we are headed to our destination found for us by my sweet cousin Mary Fay. Looking forward to a wonderful night sleep. Our day began trusting that no matter what came our way nothing would rob our joy. We are grateful for the answered prayers of our family and friends who had our backs all day.

Songs for the day from our daughter, Catherine. ❤️❤️❤️

Calling Out Tour Name-Chris Mullins

Step by Step – Chris Mullins