Do You Dream of Intentional Community?

Article by Hannah Gaudette…..

Our culture is defined in America by movement. We are a people constantly on the move either on an individual level, technological venture or global exploration.

Some people thrive at a fast pace. Yet there are those who live in that system who would give it all up to slow it down, who crave something else . . . something more, something they can’t quite identify.

In our rush to grow we often find ourselves losing sight of the most important things in our lives, the legacy we leave our children, our contribution to those around us. If we slowed down, we just may discover the foundations of our country, community, and the legacy of working alongside each other for a common goal of survival, making it through our everyday lives.

While we enjoy the luxury of being able to strive for things like a higher income, comfortable living, or the corporate ladder.  The idea of cultivating community is a twofold movement awakening us to meet the needs around us and to build a better, fuller life for all of us.

It is within our power to reclaim these values that our fast-paced society has cast aside. And I do not say this lightly – we CAN resurrect our heritage, even in the face of cultural opposition. 

How do we do this?

Start where you are

Call it a reawakening.  Slow down. Take the time to rest in who you are. Think about your surroundings, and the gifts you have to offer. Your skills and talents will play a vital role as you start down this road. Do you love to write words? Use those words to paint a picture of the community you wish to create. Are you a natural leader? Don’t underestimate your importance. Are you skilled at organizing or creating? Do you have an interest in old crafts? Cooking? Art? Literature? The list is endless! I can promise you – you have a skill that will be essential to the effort.

Use what you have

No matter where you live, you can begin to recreate the community of old – the spirits that came together in comradery because it was essential. Learn to work alongside others in equality – for a common goal. Learn to trust, to delegate, to lead, and to follow. Support local agriculture – rally others around a local food source – and understand sustainable food movements. Take a walk and let the natural flow of who you are reach out to those you meet.

Do what you can.

No matter if the process is fast or slow, successful or with bumps in the road, do what you can. Make an effort. This is not a sprint, it is a marathon that you will need to train for daily. It starts within and radiates out. Do not let the “rush” of the world around you deter you. Guard your thoughts and actions because, by doing so, you change your future and the future of those around you. 

Let’s wakeup to who we are meant to be in order to do what we are called to do, to build a new reality.

Hannah Gaudette is a home-school graduate, author, and diehard farmer working alongside her family at Lamplighter Farm in central Maine. They are passionate about community, history, and sustainability. Follow them on Facebook and check out Hannah’s grassroots sustainable agriculture program on her website.