Goin’ to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come…

Day two of our travels to Las Vegas. Today we will leave the house of Dr. Norman Crocker and his beautiful wife, Colleen of Akron OH. We also say goodbye to our good friend Val.

When I woke up this morning a thought ran across my mind. Norman is a radiologist. I should ask him and his wife to pray for healing over my osteo-scolitic back. So I asked and they prayed. It was a sweet moment. Always ask for prayer to give the Lord a chance to do what He does.

We hit the road, the rainy road. It would rain most of the day. Sometimes there were torrential downpours. My brother John reassured me that the experience of driving back and forth to Hartford CT for work during the past twenty years had given Mike some great driving skills. He did most of the driving.

Mississippi River

My turn to drive through the central plains. The wind was strong but I was able to stay the course. The roads were so straight and level! One hour after my turn I was tired so Mike took us the rest of the way.

We made better travel time day two and we were so happy to land at our good friend’s house.

From Maine to…. It is always good to see you!

After much catching up I had to turn in for the night thankful for all the prayers and support that are carrying us along this path.