Our Farm on the Move

So we have been transplanted into the southwest USA. A job transfer opened up for Farmer Mike and because of his extraordinary skills, he was the only man for the job. So Las Vegas will be our home for at least the next two years. Our garden has a humble beginning and a much smaller footprint.

In Massachusetts, our hobby farm was petite but we held a huge passion to serve our community. We offered fresh organic vegetables that had not been touched by pesticides and contributed to our desire to promote a healthy lifestyle. Some of our farm products were used for creating environment-friendly holistic home and body care items. But let us not forget the sweet life! Our fresh-baked certified kitchen treats using whole ingredients definitely satisfied the sweet life. Our outreach will look a little different here but we have the same desire to be part of a community.

First Tomato!

When we grew our food, we cared for the earth. The use of organic methods to farm was important because it introduced less harmful chemicals into the earth and cooperated with nature rather than fighting her.  There are many other ways to produce food that cooperate with nature and are beneficial to us. We want to experiment with each of them to the best of our ability here in the desert, discovering what works and what does not work and sharing this with those around us. Ultimately, we want to learn and be a source for others to learn how to grow their own food thereby increasing each person’s self-sufficiency and allowing them to experience the satisfaction that comes with eating what they have grown.

The idea of building community through growing, selling, sharing, and supporting is the same in the southwest as it was in the northeast. Those who have less are what compels us to do what we do. 

One of our core values is freedom and justice for everyone. There are many in our country who are not free, because of oppression. Some do not have the most basic needs for living. Food security is an issue. We want to use what we have to feed the hungry and help those in our own backyard who are oppressed by lack.

While away from the eastern farm there are some from the OurFarm4you Community who have started using our small garden as a stepping stone to bigger dreams.

Papa and his helpers

We do not exist as separate, completely independent  ‘islands’ drifting through life. We are a people on the earth, dependent on her, and on one another. All that we do affects one another, and the earth as well. We want to act as leaven, affecting the world; like salt, bringing flavor and value to the world; and as light, so that the world may see a way and have hope. Through conversations and leaning in together a difference has been made.

We can choose what our effect will be, for either good or evil. So choose well… our lives depend on it.

Humble but Happy Beginnings

This is Us…

Biggest Radish