Last Leg to Vegas

Happiest of Birthdays to our youngest daughter. She brings so much light and love into our lives.

Three songs were on my heart when I woke up today.

Promises-Maverick City

Voice of One-Gina Praino

Return to your Fortress-Gina Praino

I am grateful that we stopped traveling when we did last night. As soon as we got into the hotel a wintery mix hit the southwest. In the morning our car was encased in ice and the roads were treacherous not by New England standards but by inexperienced southwest standards.

So many cars and trucks had spun out of control. Grateful that Mike was a seasoned New Englander he knew how to work the terrain.

It took 9 hours to complete our trip. We traveled through areas of the highway that reminded us of the Maine terrain. Mountains, snow, evergreens, and winding paths of Arizona led to the cactus, and rocky landscapes of Nevada where we crossed the boarder at the Hoover Dam!

Hoover Dam

The story behind the construction and purpose of the dam is worth checking out. The fact that it is used for multi purposes, power, water storage, and recreation, is so impressive to me. We pray that our stay in Nevada will be both purposeful and fun.

Onto our Nevada family!

What a greeting!