Do you believe in miracles? I do. When traveling to our new destination in Las Vegas we were able to respite at our friend’s family’s home. One morning when I awakened a thought crossed my mind. It went like this.

This is a type of cumulus cloud that I have been seeing over the desert sky. My friend Jot said it is a Lenticular Cumulus.

Hmmm, you are staying at the home of a doctor of radiology. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if he and his wife prayed for my osteo-scoliosis and it was healed. So when I went upstairs I asked them to pray and they did. I was grateful.

Miracles happen all the time. My thoughts simmered on that statement. So I asked Farmer Mike, “Do you believe in miracles?” “Of course, I have seen enough of them. Especially healings that deal with broken relationships being repaired. They are some of the most powerful miracles that affect generations.”

Miracles come in different packages. Daily I pray for eyes to see them and sometimes I do. When I almost trip and fall but don’t, to me that is a huge miracle.

When I run into a person whom I haven’t seen in ages, we talk, and a prayer is answered, yup, miracle!

When I have a lobectomy and then I am deemed cancer free, miracle!

When I wake up at night because I hear the phone ringing in my dream and make a phone call to my mom and she tells me that my sister was in an accident and she needed my help. This actually happened in 1979! Yes, miracle.

Miracles show up in so many ways! I am sure you have a few you can tell me.

I do believe and it is my duty to ask for prayer and to pray for others. Will I be healed or the person I am praying for be healed? That is not for me to decide, I am not the healer but the conduit. God moves in ways I can’t comprehend.

The OurFarm4You logo was a picture that fell into my lap one morning during a quiet time. Hands reaching toward each other and at the same time hands reaching to heaven. I am a type of artist but no one wants me on their Pictionary team, haha. So when the logo and the mission behind it came at me all at once I knew deep in my soul that it was right. My hope is in the Lord, hands reaching to heaven. I trust that He is going to put me into situations where he can use me to bring His live to others, hands reaching out to others. This was a creative miracle for a non-artsy gal!☺️

We are sojourners in this life. The song that comes to mind is Hands from Jewel. I actually love hearing my daughter, Hannah Grace, sing this song! Live you Gracie!❤️

In the end only kindness matters. This is not a new line in my life. My mother spoke it to me. Her mother spoke it to her. I want to lend a hand to those in need and one of the most powerful ways to do that is to pray. Let me know what I can pray for.