Wow, we have been in Las Vegas for one month. The terrain is like no other that we have lived in.

Unusual cloud over the mountains.

The Valley of Fire was beautiful. Incredible landscapes, petroglyphs, and wildlife highlighted our adventure.

Beehive rock formations
Long-horned Sheep

Our oldest Nevada grandson turned seven yesterday. His request was to play in the snow. Naomi, his mom, and I gathered the four boys and headed to Mt. Charleston. After many twists and turns, ups and downs, fingers crossed we found the dessert-coveted white stuff.

It’s cold out here!

The boys were wondering why their fingers got so cold. Our visit was short but successful. It is amazing to me that within thirty minutes from our home the temperature dropped 20 degrees and there was snow.

Did we hear a bear?
Las Vegas Snow-who knew!

Another amazing site on this trek was seeing homes built into the side of the mountain. Very quaint but scary at the same time.

Mountain homes.

Closer to home we have a beautiful promenade, a type of oasis, right around the corner that is adorned with greenery and hummingbirds.


There are roadrunners everywhere! They do not look like the ones on Wiley E Coyote. ☺️


Should I mention the new critters on our home and garden walls? Luna has no idea what this new animal is. I just hope they are faster than her!

Desert lizards

More to come but it’s time to play with this superhero.