New Life!

New Life


New Life! Could it be? I thought an orchid that my neighbor had given me was dead. It had been so long since it had flowered, months! It looked like two green sticks with a few green leaves, an alien with antennas. I figured, watering it produced nothing so I hadn’t watered it for a long while.

The neighbor who had given this beautifully white blossomed plant was coming for dinner. I did not want him to see what it had turned into. It was an eyesore. While scrambling to get the house ready for guests I thought it best to hide the plant in the laundry room, where everything gets allocated until it finds its permanent landing spot. I would deal with it the next day.


Morning came and I took the sorry plant out to show my husband and said it was time to get rid of it. I had given it one last bit of water two days ago but obviously, it had lost the nutrients needed to be anything more than what it was. With plant in hand I was heading to the garage, the final landing place before I tossed things out. Suddenly I glanced at the top of the plant and there I saw it, a tiny bud, no, many tiny buds! What! How did I miss it? NEW LIFE!

What was this plant-volution (my new word) trying to tell me?


I love to look at nature to see what God has created and put in my path. It speaks to me of what He is doing in the supernatural. For example. While walking with my husband the other day I saw an abandoned cover to a grill. I said, ah, God has us covered. Later the same morning I saw a leafless tree with one acorn on it and thought, oh God wants to plant a seed within me. Now this houseplant?

Well, hope rose inside of me. I couldn’t wait to see this plant in full bloom! I asked myself, did a little watering bring life into this dormant state? Hmm, what needs watering in my life to make it flourish? And…why did it take a second look for me to see the growth? What else have I missed throughout my walk, quickly discarded, that I needed to take a second look at?

I am reminded of scripture from Isaiah 61:3

”…bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair…”


Lesson learned, I will be more vigilant to not miss the taps on my shoulder from above when HE has a teachable moment for me. Wake me up, Lord!