The Wild Frontier

The wild frontier for us is Las Vegas. Farmer Mike was presented with an opportunity to lead the tech department at a flagship site of Pitney Bowes. How could he refuse? So we are on our way west!

Some may ask, why at this point in your life would you uproot and move? We had made a commitment years ago to follow the paths that God laid out for us and to walk through the doors that opened.

Our adventures began the first year we were married. We felt the Lord say that he was going to give us 100 acres of land and we wouldn’t have to pay for it. Soon after we visited good friends in Vermont. They knew someone needed a house sitter. We spoke with the current caretaker and there you have it. She liked us. We ended up living in a farmhouse furnished with beautiful antiques. It had nooks and crannies and hidden rooms. It also sat on 100 acres and we didn’t have to pay for it. ❤️

This was the first of many moves. Along the way we have met amazing people. Through our experiences we have grown to know the Lord more and more and how He works. So now our next journey begins.

Travels began at 7 AM and our first stop was 7:02 AM. The dog was trying to get out of the car. 😂 Mike took her for a short walk. Once she got back in she settled down.


Leaving our home in Marlborough was challenging for me. The movers had already packed us and our house felt empty and huge! The basement and garage were cleaner than they have ever been! Our youngest son will be holding down the fort with a good friend of the family. We are hoping that the OurFarm garden will be grown by someone else. We need to leave that in the Lord’s hands.

We made it to Akron and was greeted by our dear friend from Natick, MA who happened to be visiting her family. They graciously opened their home to us. After a decadent dinner topped off with my first ever cherry pie, we settled in for the night and slept peacefully. What a blessing!

What will tomorrow bring none of us know but we will take it one step, one breath at a time and with the Lord at our side and along with the prayers of our people we will continue to explore the wild frontier.